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"My Love" Dessert Box


Introducing the "My Love" dessert box, curated by the renowned social media sensation, Anastasia Kingsnorth. 

This exquisite treat is elegantly packaged within a luxurious heart-shaped box adorned in black and gold. 

Inside, you'll discover a delightful handmade dessert selection, featuring miniature chocolate chip cookies, delectable strawberry milkshake rippled fudge pieces, rich American brownie bites, heart-shaped strawberry chocolates with a delicate crumble centre, edible rose petals, and delicate white chocolate curls. Approx 100 pieces per box. 

Additionally, this indulgent box includes an 8oz pot filled with milk chocolate callets, perfect for melting and dipping your sweet treats, elevating your dessert experience to new heights of decadence.


Inside every box, you'll find an A5 card featuring a heartfelt message from Anastasia, along with official campaign photoshoot imagery.